This feeling begins

just like a spark

Resilience, previously Recherché, is the approved fanlisting for Haruno Sakura from the series, NARUTO and has been online since 27th November 2012.

You are currently viewing version two of Resilience. I haven't colored manga panels in years (and even then, I could barely make it) lmao so I'm glad this came out decent. I never really liked version one much so I'm happy that this looks much better (although it could still use more work /sigh). Couldn't really find any official colored ones that stood out to me so I had to refer to the manga panels instead, haha. Manga image was taken and colored from chapter 676 while textures are from black-light-studio, shizoo and so-ghislaine. Title headers are lyric snippets from Susie Suh & Robot Koch's' Here With Me. Theme was designed in Adobe Photoshop CS5 and hand-coded in Textmate. Site is powered by Enthusiast.

Tossing and turning

inside of your heart

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